Collective Impact Jam 2022


Enactus Australia is celebrating Australia hosting the Social Enterprise World Forum in Brisbane 2022 by hosting an Impact Hack and Impact Showcase for all our university teams.

Our students will be engaging in 6 races worth running, partnering with the community and industry to identify opportunities to create impact.

We start with an Impact Hack weekend March 25 -27 where teams from over 20 universities will research challenges then explore and validate solutions.

Teams will then work to develop their ideas into social impact projects and social enterprises.

Their resulting projects will be showcased at the Social Enterprise World Forum, Brisbane, September 2022


If you are a student and would like to participate in the Impact Jam please register here.


If you are interested in supporting the Impact Jam as a knowledge expert, by bringing in a project idea, mentoring teams, or as a donor / sponsor please register here.



Globally, all our oceans having been negatively affected by pollution and climate changes as a result of various human activities like manufacturing, waste disposal, transport, agriculture and overfishing. We aim for the participants to collaborate and find solutions to combat these issues that will result in healthier and cleaner oceans and replenish ocean biodiversity.

We aim for the participants to collaborate and find solutions to combat climate-related issues that will result in preventing future climate damage, and provide opportunities for repair and restoration.

Human activity on Earth has created climate change, a complex set of impacts driving extreme weather events such as fires, droughts, rising sea levels, and flooding. These all lead to biodiversity loss and environmental degradation in a never-ending cycle of decline.  All experienced here in Australia. 

We aim for participants to collaborate and find solutions to combat climate-related issues that will result in preventing future climate damage, and provide opportunities for repair and restoration.

Hunger and food security are major global issues. 

Statistics predict almost 9.8% of the world population to be left hungry if this problem is not addressed with innovative solutions. In Australia, according to the Foodbank Hunger Report 2021, one person in every six people did not have sufficient food in the last year.

Low environmental impact food production and the adoption of a more sustainable diet are key aspects to keep in mind while considering a solution to this issue. 

We aim for participants to collaboratively innovative, sustainable and scalable solutions to help fight hunger and food insecurity.

Plastic was slated to be a miracle material to solve all our problems. Sadly is has, instead, created many more. Particularly in single use products. It is a huge contributor to air, water and land pollution, climate change, health and environmental issues at manufacture, use and disposal. 

In Australia, less than 12% of plastic is being recycled, despite around 130kg of plastic being used by an individual per year (WWF Australia). 

We aim for participants to collaborate to build innovative and creative solutions to address the impacts of plastics at every stage of their life cycle.

Enactus Australia wishes to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we work, and their elders past, present and emerging.

In the spirit of reconciliation this race has a focus on teams collaboratively working with First Nations Communities and People to address challenges they face with respect to social and financial inclusion, equitable health, education and legal outcomes and any specific identified project determined to be useful. 

We aim for participants and First Nations partners to collaborate to codesign innovative, creative and sustainable solutions to achieve their goals.

1 in 5 Australians live with a disability.

The rapidly accelerating rate of technological innovation has tremendous potential to reduce barriers for people with disability and become a powerful driver of inclusion. Despite advances in technology, social reform & impact investment, people with disability continue to face significant barriers to participation in everyday life. (Remarkable)

We aim for participants to collaborate to identify opportunities to empower people with disability to have more independence and experience greater socialand financial inclusion, and higher levels of participation in everyday life.


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