Enactus Australia National Competition  will be held 6-7th  July 2022  at The University of Sydney - Abercrombie Business School 

Partners :


Day 1 Wednesday 6th July 

Time  Room 
Event Registration  8:00-9.30am   Foyer level 2 
AV Checks for Teams  9.00-10.30am  2240 Level 2 
CSIRO Workshop "Ending Plastic Waste" 9.30-11.30am  2080 Level 2 
FA Research Session  9.45-10.45am   2020 Level 2 
FA & President Strategy Session   10.45-11.30am  2020 Level 2 
Careers Fair  11.30am-130pm   Foyer Level 2 
Welcome Ceremony  11.45-12.15pm B2010 Auditorium 
Welcome Lunch  12.15pm  Foyer Level 2 
Judges Briefing Lunch for Opening Round Judges  12.30-1.30pm   2280 Level 2 
Opening Round Presentations  1.30pm - 3.00pm   2240 & 2020 Level 2
New Teams Competition  1.45pm - 3.00pm   2150 Level 2
Afternoon Tea  3.00pm-3.20pm   Foyer Level 2
Opening Round Presentations Continue  3.30- 5.30pm   2240&2020 Level 2 
New Teams Competition Continue 3.30- 5.00pm   2150 Level 2 
Opening Round Ceremony  5.45-6.15pm   B2010 Auditorium 

Day 2 Thursday 7th of July

Judges Briefing  8.00-9.00am   2280 Level 2 
Semi Final Round of Competition  9.30-12.00noon  2020 & 2240 Level 2 
Morning Tea Break  10.30-11.00am  Foyer Level 2 
Semi Final Round Continued  11.00-12.00noon  2020 & 2240 Level 2
Final Round Judges Briefing Lunch  12noon-1.15pm   B2010 Auditoriam 
Lunch  12noon- 1.15pm   Foyer Level 2 
Finalist Announcement Ceremony 1.15-1.40pm   B2010 Auditorium 
Final Round of Competition  2.00-3.00pm   B2010 Auditorium 
Afternoon Tea  3.00-3.30pm  Foyer outside B2010 
Final Round of Competition Continued  3.30-4.30pm   B2010 Auditorium 
Panel Presentation  4.30-5.15pm   B2010 Auditorium 
Closing Ceremony  5.15-6.00pm   B2010 Auditorium 
Networking Reception  6.00pm-7.00pm   Foyer Outside B2010