National Showcase


A Show of Excellence 

As in business, we believe that competition encourages creativity and rewards results. For Enactus it means more lives impacted. Teams from universities around Australia present their projects to business and academic judges and are judged according to the world wide criterion which asks: 

“Which Enactus team most effectively demonstrated entrepreneurial leadership to  drive business and innovation for sustainable positive impact to benefit people,  planet and prosperity within the last year"

The team which is selected as National Champion then competes against winning teams from 35 other countries at the World Cup each year. 

The National Event also provides an opportunity for interactive seminars; careers programs and think tank workshops facilitated by both students and /or partner organisations. 


Witness first hand when students present their most compelling projects on stage for 17 minutes.  experience the synergy of teams as they share insights, fuel innovation and drive impact.


Celebrate diversity of culture, abudance of ideas and the synergy of cross-generational leadership in action.


Challenge the status quo of thought leaders and Network with action leaders on sustainable change through the positive power of business.


Enjoy new and ground breaking ideas in social enterprise, entrepreneurship, social responsibility through interactive discussion.

Career Connections

Engage with bright, motivated energetic and highly employable students throughout the program.