Team Participation


Full information about the national competition is available in the  international  -  enactus Team Handbook section on Preparing for Competition.

We have also have all the  Australian Competition requirements detailed in the Handbook Enactus National Competition 2022 which is available under the download section

Mandatory reports

Each team must submit the following reports before competing:

Annual Report

Project Verification Form

Project  Report 

Active Team Sheet

Active Team Sheet via Enactus+ Every active team must update this form in the Team Tools section of Enactus+ prior to the national competition. This report must be filled out thoroughly and must contain the names of all Faculty Advisors and active students. Only a student with permissions on Enactus+ can view the Team Tools and update the Active Team Sheet. If you believe you should have access to the Team Tools but do not, contact your Enactus Country Leader. If you have any difficulties, contact

Team Project Report via Enactus+ This report provides key information on the team’s projects in the program year. Although the information submitted is used by Enactus, it will not be shared with judges as part of the evaluation at any competitive event. It must be completed and submitted online by each active team prior to competing at a national competition. Teams gain access to the Team Project Report once they update their Active Team Sheet on Enactus+.

Required Competition Forms

All Teams who are competing in the Main Competition 2022 will require the following forms 

Team Photo  - Due 30 May 
Live Presentation will be required at the competiton on the 6 & 7th of July   including Q&A
Annual Report  - 100 Printed Copies for Judges on 6&7 July  .   Please send one final PDF copy by 04 July to Kylie Smith  
Project Verification Report  Fillable PDF - Due 23 June 
Active Team Sheet - Enactus +  Due 23 June 
Project Report  - Enactus +  Due 23 June 

Please use the following link for enactus plus . You will need to log on here to fill in your Active Team Sheet and Project Report.

Early Stage /New Teams Competition 

Team Photo  - Due 30 May 
Live Presentation will be required at the competiton on the 6th of July.  ( 12 minute presentation with 5 min Q&A ) 
Annual Report  -  1 Page annual report  -  20  Printed Copies for Judges on 6  July.  Please send a PDF Copy to Kylie Smith by 04 July 


Annual Reports

Teams competing in the Main competition are required to submit an Annual report with their presentations this has the following requirements. 

Annual reports are to be 4 sides of A4 paper should include:

Teams competing in the  New Teams /Early stage competition will just be required to produce a one page document.



Each competing team has a 20 minute time block for its live presentation. The time is segmented as follows:


2022  Awards 

Enactus Australia will continue to acknowledge  the outstanding community support throughout the year and have the following awards for students to now nominate.  The Awards will be presented at the 2022 National Comptetition on the 7th of July 

All nominations are due By the 15 June to Selena Griffith  -  

Poster Template

Nationals Poster Template. Please make a new page for each project, copy the elements from the 1st master page and then edit the info for your project.