How Young Leaders in Australia are responding to Covid-19


At Enactus, we utilize the power of conscious capitalism for positive change, by rallying the energy, ideas and passion of Australia’s best and brightest students who see business as a way to address social issues. Enactus, is an experiential learning platform, helps students unleash their entrepreneurial spirit and develop the talent and perspective essential to leadership in our ever-changing world.

COVID-19 has presented everyone including our younger generation with uncertainty and a novel challenge. Universities are closed, part-time working arrangements are hindered and spending free time with friends is no longer a reality. We as a society are feeling more stressed, anxious or depressed than usual.

During COVID-19 Enactus has stepped up and facilitated a platform for students to continue engaging virtually to stay connected, healthy and challenged. Enactus youth have really adapted efficiently in transitioning to online platforms to continue their engagement through virtual meetings, team catch-ups and group calls, all members are determined to maintaining collaboration in Enactus spirit. During these challenging times, Enactus youth have become a stronger community and looking after each other. Even though we are apart physically, we remain together, helping each other through these rough and uncertain times.

They continue to demonstrate leadership and innovate to facilitate solutions for the contemporary challenges we face: As our global communities continue their battle with COVID-19, its highly virulent nature, speed and breadth of proliferation gives rise to an urgent need for personal protective equipment and sanitary materials. The WHO projects that within the next few months, there will be further demand for 2.9 million litres of hand sanitiser.

Enactus UNSW's newest project, QuickSan, aims to address this by partnering with Intechchemicals to design and manufacture a more efficient, innovative line of no contact, smart hand sanitiser dispensers. To flatten the curve, the IoT design leverages the smart delivery and maintenance of hand sanitiser to ensure effective hygiene for frontline medical staff through to public spaces. Additionally, it allows for more effective replenishment and delivers measured doses to maintain hygiene standards. Enactus UNSW aim to accurately and quantitatively measure the impact by obtaining direct consumer data. These figures can be used in contributing towards further research into COVID-19 management. Intechchemicals offers its vast national distribution network and readily available manufacturing equipment and production capacity to advance our outreach and impact. Enactus UNSW is hoping to be a crucial resource in helping the world fight against coronavirus!


Supipi Jayawardena