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Enactus International 

We are extremely grateful to all our colleagues in Enactus International for the work they are doing to ensure that every country can conduct an exciting National Competition, and for sharing stories and projects undertaken by students under our #EnactusCares program.

World Cup - Utrecht  8-10 September 2020 

They have also released news about our World Cup 2020 as follows:

While Enactus may not be on the front line of the current health crisis, Enactus students are and will be the front line of the recovery: they will help shape how we revive and thrive in the new normal. That’s why we’re adapting quickly to reach more students and academic leaders, advance the goals of more partners, and work together for a better, more sustainable world.

To help accomplish that goal, we’re pleased to announce that this year, the Enactus World Cup is going truly global and you are invited!

We’re setting our sights high, aiming to draw 10,000 participants in this international celebration of entrepreneurial solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

The 2020 Enactus World Cup will focus on innovation across sectors, boundaries and generations of leaders to help revive communities and advance economies. It will be online and live-streamed on September 8-11 and, with the support of presenting sponsor KPMG, will feature much of what past attendees have come to love – and new programming – including

Competition among Enactus teams worldwide and evaluation of the 1 Race 4 Oceans Race.

Collaboration between students and partners; forums on technology and advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals; and cool, new networking opportunities - because making meaningful relationships is a part of the power Enactus!

Celebration of our cultural diversity and our global citizenship with unique opportunities to share your pride with students worldwide.
The People’s Choice Awards, 77-Second Film Fest of social entrepreneurship around the world, and more.

In addition, if health and travel considerations allow, Enactus will also host an exclusive event at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City in November 2020 featuring Enactus World Cup champion teams.

We’ll keep you all posted as we move towards September.