The World Needs Us

World Leaders have announced 17 Global Goals for sustainable development for all countries. For all people.
Together, we can achieve the Global Goals.


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Project Stories

An Enactus Project can be almost anything as long as it empowers people to improve their quality of life and standard of living. Each project must take into account relevant economic, social and environmental factors as well as the UN Goals in identifying and implementing the project.

Enactus students devise, develop, deliver and document each of their projects and report the outcomes of their projects in their annual reports which are delivered at the Enactus National Conference and Championships. The annual reports give a good idea of the range of projects that teams undertake and are an excellent source of inspiration for new projects.

Net University

When one Edith Cowan University team member saw first-hand how challenging technology was for seniors, the team saw an opportunity to make a difference. After making connections with community organizations and businesses, they developed a training manual and curriculum to educate and empower seniors, with a focus o...

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Culinary Tales

The University of  Sydney's Culinary  tales Project Improves the well-being and livelihoods of refugees by teaching employability skills and integration into the larger Australian community, by providing opportunities to gain work experience and social connectedness by running public, corporate a...

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Fortunate Food Co.

The University of New South Wales “The Fortunate Food Co" reduces food waste and CO 2 emissions by transforming off-spec tomatoes and other produce into delicious chutney.  Enactus UNSW use the chutney to educate people about food waste and present them with a viable way of taking action.

7.3 mil...

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Best Foot Forward

Queensland University of Technology's "Best Foot Forward " is a project which sells clothing lines such as socks, scarfs and pocket squares that ignites pride in indigenous art and culture with authentic indigenous designs.

Throughout Brisbane, and indeed Australia, there are a vast array of community o...

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The Enactus University of Western Australia's project UneARThed  is a Perth-based social enterprise that aims to break the stigma of homelessness in the local community. They do this by empowering artists who are homeless to share their stories and art through an subscription-based art renta...

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Cards for a Cause

The University of Melbourne's  "Cards for a cause" is a  is a start-up that utilises the grey canvas of one of the most common objects of Melbourne – the Myki, to bring about a story of social change.

Selling unique prints on Myki stickers, all proceeds go to helping disadvantaged students t...

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