Alumni Opportunities

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Regional Showcase involvement – VIC, QLD, WA, NSW

You all know the value of our Regional Showcases. They are an important part of the 2-way process of learning and teaching, mentoring and guiding. We welcome our Alumni to get involved as a judge at our Regional Showcase, where you can provide valuable feedback to the teams as they not only prepare for the National Championship, but it is a significant way team members can attract corporate attention and funding. Please click here to register your interest now.

Speaker Panel EOI

We love to have our own Alumni represent on speaker panels. You can register your interest in joining us on a speaker panel (various events), via our simple online form which will give you the option to choose which particular event or activity you are interested in – click here to register your interest now.

Judge – National Championship 2024

If you would like to register as a judge for the 2024 National Championship, please click here and register via Humanitix.

Nominate – Alumni of the Year 2024

If you would like to nominate someone or even yourself (go on! self promotion is encouraged here!!), click here to complete the nomination form. Award nominations are due by 15 June.

Join the ongoing network of Enactus Alumni

As alumni, you understand the unique community that is created around the Enactus brand. Maintain this community after graduation by building the Enactus Australia Alumni Association. Promote the Enactus brand, engage new students, network within a growing and prestigious community and enhance your own career opportunities. Click here to join the network now.

Alumni Opt-Out

If your time within our network has come to an end and you would like to opt-out of communications with us, please click here to complete the very simple form below. Ensure you enter the email to which received information from us. If you have more than one email that received information, you will need to complete the form again.

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