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Conference Call For Papers

Call for Abstracts Enactus Global Research Conference EWC 2024 

Submissions to this call may include work-in-progress, case studies, teaching innovations, practice innovations, and other research.

COVID brought to the fore the challenge of “sustainability” – not only of the environment, but also our societies and, relatedly, our decision making and governance frameworks. The imperative of innovation and business skills in addressing these challenges have increased in significance. Enactus has a key role to play in responding to this challenge. We recognise the importance of our community’s own learning in this area and are thus supporting a symposium for scholars, practitioners, academics, researchers and students to submit social enterprise, impact, and Enactus-related original research work, work in progress, case studies or information about their innovations to foster the debate about how we can use innovation and business skills to ensure a sustainable world. Key questions that may be addressed include:

  • Do we need to think differently about how innovation and business skills are developed and applied to ensure sustainability?
  • How does our work on the UN SDGs connect to using innovation and business skills to ensure sustainability?
  • Does “place” or our different geographies create unique ways in how we tackle the challenge of sustainability using innovation and business skills?
  • How can we engage with our Universities, Colleges, and / or students, and / or partners to ensure the preparation and training of innovation and business skills to respond to the challenge of sustainability?
  • How do our activities engender peace and trust in society?

We invite extended abstracts of 1000 words that address these and related questions.

Abstracts due August 15 – Acceptance by September 1 – Present in person in Astana Kazakhstan,  or virtually,  October 1st 2024

Submissions are welcome from scholars, practitioners, academics and researchers across the Enactus Network and beyond. Student submissions are welcomed and will have their own stream.

The abstracts registered at the Enactus Global Research Conference  EWC 2024 will be peer-reviewed and published with an ISBN and will be available for authors to include in their curriculum vitae. There is also the opportunity to be part of our peer review process as a reviewer.

To submit your abstract, click here.


Title of Paper


State problem being addressed, and why it is important to address this problem

Literature review: 

Describe what the literature says about the problem, what we don’t know about the problem, the gap then that the research will address and research question with overarching proposition/hypothesis.


Statement about methodology used, that is, qualitative, quantitative or mixed and justification about why this methodology will be able to answer the research question and/or propositions or hypotheses


Brief description of main, relevant findings


How the findings inform the research question and provide new insights


Contribution to empirical understanding, theory (if relevant), and practice


Use Harvard style referencing:


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