Alex Scriven

Enactus UNSW | 2011 - 2014

How has being part of Enactus influenced /impacted you personally?

Broadened perspectives on social problems and solutions. Met great people and made lifelong friends. Inspired to continue.

How has being part of Enactus influenced / impacted you professionally?

Developed research, planning and business skills. Professional connections outside of my immediate industry

What skills and competencies did Enactus help you develop?

Research, planning and business skills, presentation skills, pitching.

How would you describe the benefits of Enactus to someone who is considering joining a team?

A mix of the professional and personal noted above, and the opportunity for global connections and developing community.

Please share some detail about a memorable experience / experiences you had whilst with Enactus.

I most enjoyed the national conferences where you were able to meet people from all around Australia with similar passions, share in their successes and build connections to help each other expand our impact.

Briefly outline your career journey.

I currently work as a Senior Data Scientist at Atlassian, with previous experience across government, private agencies, startups, and academia. I have lecturing and research positions in Data Science at UTS & UNSW and greatly enjoy teaching as well as practicing and researching.

At any given time I am usually involved in a variety of projects such as building online courses, teaching at universities and building startups; with a special interest in social entrepreneurship.

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