Jordan Wright

Edith Cowan University | 2020-2021

How has being part of Enactus influenced /impacted you personally?

Being a part of Enactus has been a transformative experience for me. It instilled in me a profound sense of social responsibility and commitment to community development. Working on projects that made a tangible difference in people’s lives made me more compassionate and empathetic. Enactus also helped me to develop leadership skills, teamwork and fostered a global perspective that I carry with me every day.

How has being part of Enactus influenced / impacted you professionally?

Professionally, Enactus provided me with a platform to hone essential skills that are invaluable in the corporate world. The hands-on experience of planning and executing community projects taught me project management, problem-solving, and innovation. Engaging with business leaders offered networking opportunities and insights into how successful businesses and organisations operate. All of these experiences made me a more confident and competent professional, well-prepared for the challenges of the business world.

What skills and competencies did Enactus help you develop?

Enactus was instrumental in helping me develop a multifaceted skillset that continues to serve me in my professional life. Through leading various projects, I learned how to inspire and manage a team, cultivating leadership qualities that are vital in any setting. Managing these tasks also provided hands-on experience in project management, including essential aspects such as time management, budgeting, and execution. Interaction with business partners and community members gave me an unparalleled opportunity to expand my professional network, while the challenge of crafting innovative solutions to real-world problems significantly enhanced my analytical and problem-solving skills. Perhaps most importantly, the experience of presenting projects and working with diverse teams sharpened my communication skills, enabling me to convey ideas more effectively. These competencies, gained through my time with Enactus, have been foundational in shaping my career and personal growth.

How would you describe the benefits of Enactus to someone who is considering joining a team?

Joining Enactus is an opportunity to make a positive impact on the world while growing personally and professionally. It offers a chance to work on meaningful projects, develop vital skills such as leadership, teamwork, and innovation, and to connect with like-minded individuals and industry professionals. If you are passionate about social change and personal growth, Enactus offers an unparalleled platform to turn those aspirations into reality.

Please share some detail about a memorable experience / experiences you had whilst with Enactus.

One of the most significant and unforgettable experiences I had while with Enactus was working on the inaugural sustainability festival. This event was a groundbreaking initiative aimed at teaching youth and households about the crucial importance of sustainability, recycling, and empowering them with practical ways to create social change from their homes.

The project was a blend of innovation, collaboration, and passion. Working with a diverse group of students from various cultural backgrounds, both domestically and internationally, provided me with fresh perspectives and taught me the importance of cross-cultural communication and understanding. Together, we not only planned and executed a highly successful festival but also forged bonds that transcended the project itself. Many of those I worked with have become lifelong friends, and our shared memories continue to be a source of inspiration and camaraderie.

What made this experience truly special was how it aligned with my personal values and professional aspirations. The sustainability festival wasn’t just an event; it was a manifestation of a commitment to making the world a better place. It shaped my professional ethos, instilling in me a dedication to intertwining social change in every role I undertake. It reinforced my commitment to aligning my efforts with the UN SDG Goals, a commitment that continues to guide my actions today.    The legacy of this experience with Enactus continues to resonate with me, inspiring me to be a champion for positive change, both in my community and in the world at large. It’s a vivid reminder that with collaboration, passion, and a clear vision, we can all contribute to building a more sustainable and compassionate world.

What opportunities can Enactus Australia provide to you as an Alumni to encourage you to continue to engage with us?

Continue to keep a database of Alumni invite to big annual showcase or local showcases. Offer mentorship opportunities to engage with students. Offer to get alumni involved in volunteering within a project or providing support/assistance.

Briefly outline your career journey.

Beginning in sales with Red Dot Stores, my four-year tenure was marked by dedication to customer needs and operational efficiency. Subsequently, I honed my skills in the hospitality sector, working at prestigious establishments like The Westin Perth and Joondalup Resort. My responsibilities ranged from ensuring guests’ comfort as a Porter to managing teams as a Front Office Team Leader at TRIBE Hotels.    My transition into the public sphere allowed me to further serve my community as an elected Councillor for the City of Wanneroo. Here, I played a vital role in decision-making processes that shaped community planning, development, and infrastructure policies. Balancing political duties with retail, I also served as a Supervisor at First Choice Liquor, overseeing legal compliance and staff management.

Outside of my professional life, I have been an active volunteer in various community-focused organisations. My contributions include serving as Chairperson for Explore Yanchep Two Rocks Inc. and taking on board member roles in multiple educational institutions. From contributing to mental health initiatives to engaging in university representation, my volunteer experience showcases a strong commitment to community development and education. This multifaceted career path underscores my passion for service, leadership, and community engagement.

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