Nathan Lee

University of Melbourne | 2019 - 2021

How as your involvement in Enactus impacted you personally and/or professionally?

My involvement with Enactus Melbourne University enabled me to pursue my passion for social impact, grow as a person, meet students from a range of backgrounds who became lifelong friends. I was able to raise my awareness of under-served communities within Melbourne and Australia, with the work itself pushing me out of my comfort zone helping me to become more resilient and adaptable.

This was a deep-dive into the world of social entrepreneurship, combining two areas of interest (1) social impact and (2) entrepreneurship. After developing the business skills I had the confidence to co-found my own social enterprise at Enactus Melbourne University with 3 other members, called Stint. I was able to showcase my practical experience when applying and interviewing for jobs and enabled me to seek a satisfying work-life aligning my passions and greater goals in life.

What skills and competencies did Enactus help you develop?

I held many different roles within Enactus, including as the Project Leader of a social enterprise, and President of Enactus Melbourne. These roles helped me develop skills in leadership, entrepreneurship, public speaking and innovation.

How would you describe the benefits of Enactus to someone who is considering joining a team?

It is an awesome opportunity to explore entrepreneurship and how it can be applied to supporting underserved and underprivileged communities across the world. It is an experiential journey that you will share with like-minded peers as you develop both personally and professionally – setting you up to change the world.

Please share some detail about a memorable experience / experiences you had whilst with Enactus.

My most memorable experience are all the students that I was able to work together with throughout my time at Enactus Melbourne. I was so lucky to meet so many amazing people who have taught me so much about various aspects of life and myself. These people have been a key part of my journey and I remain in touch with many of them as they remain a key part of like as some of my closest friends.

What opportunities can Enactus Australia provide to you as an Alumni to encourage you to continue to engage with us?

Professional development opportunities, support and funding for social enterprises we are continuing to build, personal branding opportunities, speaking opportunities.

Briefly outline your career journey.

I have previously interned at BDO, Deloitte, and Pelikin, an Australian fintech startup. I also previously worked as an Operations Manager at Bookbot, an ed-tech startup, and Community & Events at Draper Startup House. I am now working full-time leading Community & Partnerships at HEX.     I am also the co-founder of Stint, helping companies hire the best international student talent in Australia!

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