Plastic Solution Project

Victoria University
The Challenge

PSP harnesses the power of repurposing plastic waste, which would otherwise contribute to landfill pollution. This project is not only about waste reduction but also about generating awareness and educating the community about the plastic pollution crisis. Our mission is to show how simple it can be to repurpose waste, and we’re inspiring others through visible demonstrations of our work.

The Solution

PSP is a multi-dimensional initiative designed to combat global warming, enhance community well-being, and promote educational development. The beneficiaries of this initiative are as diverse as its impacts.

  1. Environment: We address the environmental damage caused by improper plastic disposal, focusing primarily on plastic bottle caps. The project reduces plastic waste in landfills and oceans, promoting sustainable waste management. This leads to a cleaner and more sustainable planet.
  2. Community: PSP empowers communities and boosts local economies through plastic collection and recycling. We foster community engagement in environmental stewardship and strengthen community bonds. We promote the idea of circular economy by demonstrating different ways plastic can be repurposed.
  3. Education: Participating students acquire hands-on experience in sustainability practices, project management, entrepreneurship, and community engagement. By integrating recycling programs into curricula, we help students understand the effects of their actions on their local community and the environment.
The Impact

In the past year (July 2022-July 2023, the team has:

  • Repurposed over 50 kg of waste plastic into products, of which over 200 different plant pots were made (sold 185 so far).
  • Sorted and cleaned a further 70 kg of plastic, ready to be processed into more products.
  • Fostered partnerships with VU polytechnic to organise plastic sorting workshops.
  • Participated in V4U day, an event in which VU students partake in volunteer work to help community projects.
  • Held a small clean up event at Edgewater Lake, Footscray.
  • Developed a relationship with Sunbury Neighbourhood House, a community centre which now collects plastic for the project.
  • New developments with other community centres are at the preliminary stages, securing a larger plastic supply.
  • Conceived and developed a “Product Design Challenge”, where students participated in a design – and – pitch style workshop which saw 3 great teams present their ideas for our next product.
  • Participated in VU’s People, Place and Planet Festival, where we had a stall that enabled students to make art and small products out of waste plastic. This was a great opportunity to foster recycling awareness throughout the VU community.
  • Was the recipient of the VU Protecting Country Award at the VU Student Leadership Awards last year, our plant pots were featured on every table at the awards dinner.

United Nations | Sustainable Development Goals being met:

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