Pulp n Paper

Victoria University

The Challenge

The Team’s mission is to raise awareness about the paper supply shortage in Australia and promote a reduction in timber harvesting.

The Action

They’re doing this by encouraging creative solutions such as recycling used paper into useful products on our campus. The collected paper will be shredded and blended into a pulp and moulded into recycled paper using our papermaking kit.

The paper making kit can create flashcards, mini notebooks, envelopes, compostable pots, paper bags, and printing paper with pressed flowers. The team will also provide workshops to teach people how to create their very own paper products at home with the papermaking kit we will provide.

The Impact

By taking these initiatives, the team aims to support the net zero carbon plan and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, aligning with their commitment to protecting Australia’s resources. They invite you to join them in making a positive impact and safeguarding our environment for the future.

United Nations | Sustainable Development Goals being met:

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