Sharing Plate

University of the Sunshine Coast
The Challenge

In Australia, food waste exceeds 7.6 million tonnes per year, of which 70% is still edible, while 4 to 13% of Australians are considered ‘food insecure’. Sharing Plate aims to solve both by connecting both parties. Sharing Plate is a food redistribution app aimed to connect those with a food surplus with those who live in food insecurity on the Sunshine Coast Region.

The Solution

Sharing Plate is a food redistribution app by providing a digital platform where those with a food surplus and those with a food shortage can connect with each other.

The Impact

Sharing Plate provides food to those in food insecurity by redistributing that what otherwise would go to waste. As a result, Sharing Plate reduces waste to landfill, related emissions, and food poverty. Sharing Plate will contribute to SDG2 Zero Hunger,. SDG11 Sustainable Communities, SDG12 responsible consumption and production, and SDG17 Partnerships for the Goals.

Businesses with a food surplus can now alleviate their waste costs by contributing to their ESG. People who live in food insecurity can now consider their demand for food as a contribution to society by lowering emissions and food waste, instead of a deficit approach. Social cohesion may increase when both parties are connected.

United Nations | Sustainable Development Goals being met:

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