Project Verification Form


A representative from each team must complete this form confirming that all projects presented are legitimate and were
implemented as stated in the Annual Report and audio/visual presentation.

Mandatory to compete

Completion of this form is mandatory in order for teams to compete.

Project Verification

By appending our signatures to this form we acknowledge and agree that:

  • Falsely, consciously, and deliberately over-stating the reach, impact and/or qualitative and quantitative results of any project is an offence.
  • It is an offence to plagiarise, claim or present a project that our team did not implement or did not contribute to.
  • With regards to continuing projects, we will indicate in our audio/visual presentation and annual report the specific activities undertaken within the current program year, thereby clearly differentiating actions taken this year from those of previous years. We will also ensure that the presentation of anticipated/future outcomes are clearly identified as ‘projections’ and not as results already achieved.
  • We will provide any additional information and support documentation about our projects upon request by the Enactus office.
  • Annual Reports have been reviewed by the Team President, Faculty Advisor and an Institutional Administrator.
  • We will make available the stipulated number of copies of our annual report to the Enactus office and comply with the submission of all mandatory reports by the competition date.
  • This form applies to Annual Reports presented this year at all levels of Enactus competitions, including regional, national, and the Enactus World Cup.

We recognise that appropriate disciplinary action(s) may be taken by the Enactus office should we not honor any of the above points.

Project Verification Form

Submitted by:
Team Leader
Faculty Advisor
Institutional Administrator
On behalf of Team Enactus from:
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Enactus Australia